The Fear and Art of Stand Up Comedy

The fear and art of stand up comedy and why you should do have a go.

Ever been to see a stand up show and had a hurt belly after? Every taken time to consider what goes into standing on a stage all by yourself with the sole aim to make people laugh? Ever thought it would be the scariest thing anyone could do? Ever thought you should have a go?

Most art forms of a high quality produce something that appears effortless and easy. Stand up comedy is no different. All great artists make things look easy, but like the great painters, the reality is the comedian/comedienne will have taken quite an internal journey to get themselves on to the stage and get their mouths to open.

Funny Comic Strips - Important Tips

You need to understand fundamentals of funny comic strips, which are created sincerely without any kind of favoritism or narrow prejudices. The main aim should be the presentation of humor for the sake of humor only. It has to be interesting and exciting to catch the attention of readers and they should feel comfortable and pleased with the final effect of the creation. Successful personalities practice the art of creating amusing comic strips to bring humor in life. There are various features in the technique and it takes reasonable time to complete the strip with attributes of humor. Intellect plays a vital role in the creation with the element of timing sense and the capability of presenting matching words, which complement the sketch to produce the desired feeling of humor in readers. The theme is immaterial and an artist of the high caliber can produce humor from almost on any subject because of the nature of vision. It is important how do you look at an incident or at a subject and bring out humor from it. The special vision involves the ability to look at a subject in an incredible way.

The Art of the Funny Prank

I've discovered old Candid Camera episodes on YouTube. And I miss Captain Jenks from the Howard Stern show. These people knew the art of the prank.

Pranks aren't always clean. They aren't always nice and they are rarely without repercussions. That's what makes them so amusing. The guy doing the prank usually knows there will be a backlash.

Guys if you want to play good pranks, specially kids get an adult with sound judgment involved, do not get into trouble and don't be disrespectful. Some pranks create great laughs all around others well. April Fool's day is legally allowed to play jokes and pranks on your friends, family and co-workers and have a built-in excuse.

The 10 Funniest Comedies of 2011

A comedy movie can be your escape to every day's stress. In 2011, there were a number of movies that made it to the box office. These are the funniest films that would leave you laughing your heart out. You probably missed some of these movies, so it's worth checking them out.

1. The Hangover Part II. The second Hangover movie is a refinement of the first. Watchers have stated that it's funnier too, despite the obvious fact that there are some originality issues. Some parts were a little bit predictable, but the movie's good story and the excellent performances of the actors combined made this movie a hit. No wonder it is one of the highest grossing comedy film of 2011.

2. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. The weird thing is that this film was released not on Christmas, but around Thanksgiving. The movie has its own laughter-inducing recipe. The combo includes silly lines and weird characters. The story revolves around Harold and Kumar, who are long-time friends meeting each other after six years. But things took an odd turn when they unintentionally burned down a Christmas tree.